About us

Samten Dargye Ling e. V (a non-profit organisation), is a place at the Tibet Centre Hanover, wherein Tibetan Buddhism has been authentically taught and practiced since 2006. Khen Rinpoche Geshe Pema Samten, the organisation’s spiritual leader, Geshe Palden Öser, and other western teachers facilitate Tibetan Buddhist sessions in an inspiring fashion building bridges between cultures. The repertoire of offers includes various study courses (also as correspondence courses), study groups, talks, seminars, workshops, and cultural events regarding Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan culture. The Centre owns an extensive library, is actively involved in interreligious dialogues, and founded the Lotus Kinderkrippe (day care for 1-3 yr olds).

A monastic community resides in the Centre consisting of a Tibetan monk and Master Teacher, Geshe Palden Öser, as well as a nun. Samten Dargye Ling e.V. is a place where meditative composure and a “stable mind” can unfold. Dargye means "unfolding" and simultaneously Dargye is a region in Eastern Tibet. Ling means "place".

All interested parties, regardless of their faith, are welcome to join us at the Tibet Centre and partake in our programmes. We heartily invite anyone who wishes to become familiar with Buddhism and wants to practice with us.