It is our deepest wish that everyone, whether poor or rich, can participate in our events. Of course, we incur expenses while creating a possibility to spread the Dharma.

Asian countries promote the principle of Dana (generosity), wherein receiving teachings is a gift transmitted by those of a generous mindset. The listeners willingly show their monetary appreciation in a generous manner setting the parameters for such Dharma activities to continue occurring. Everyone practices generosity and supports the existence of Dharma in the sense of interdependent arising.

When everybody donates something according to her/his ability, it should be possible that those who are financially impaired can also participate in the precious Dharma teachings.

Charity account:
Samten Dargye Ling e.V.
Konto: 116 388 460,
BLZ: 440 100 46,
IBAN DE04 4401 0046 0116 3884 60
Postbank Dortmund

The Centre is a registered charity and can issue donation receipt which can be used for claiming tax exempt.